Dec 09

Access to Justice Quicker with Mediation

The Virginia Association for Community Conflict Resolution (VACCR) recently collected information on the length of time it takes for cases to be heard and resolved by a judge compared with the length of time it takes for cases to be resolved using mediation. The data suggests that when mediation is used, Virginians obtain access to justice (a settlement of their issues) much quicker, sometimes three times faster.

The table below lists the time it takes for cases to be heard by a judge and for cases to be resolved through mediation in general district courts (GDC) and juvenile and domestic relations courts (J&DR) in the nine regions across Virginia served by VACCR member centers, most of whom hold contracts from the Supreme Court of Virginia to coordinate the provision of mediation services.

Click on this link to see the table: Case Settlement Condensed Table

While many courts in Virginia can connect petitioners with mediators who are paid by the Court to provide mediation free of charge, people in conflict who do not want to wait for a court referral can contact a mediation center or mediator directly and pay for their services. Center fees are responsive to client incomes so they should be affordable to all.