Dec 19

Keep Calm and Call a Mediator Shirts

Mediator Shirts for Sale until Jan. 6!
Keep Calm shirt navy
The cost of the shirts start at $15.  Five of those dollars will go toward the public education efforts of our consortium.  But more importantly, the shirts will help to educate people directly about mediation. So please use your social networks to help us to spread the word about these comfy and high quality shirts.  Once 10 orders are received the shirts will be produced.  If 10 shirts are not ordered in the next three weeks, no money will be charged and no shirts will be sent.  A $5 flat shipping fee will be added to your order no matter how many tee-shirts, long-sleeved shirts or hoodies you buy.
It would be terrific to bump into someone wearing one of these all over the country.  Thank you! 
Click on the following link to order a shirt: