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Volunteers can serve an integral role for VACCR member centers and volunteer opportunities are available on a regular basis. Properly trained volunteers assist with clerical work, provide case management, serve as mediators, advocates, committee members and board members. Centers use the talents and experience of volunteers from all walks of life. If you are interested in using your time to support these worthwhile organizations, please contact the organization of your choice after clicking on our list of members.


Posted 1-6-16

CMG Foundation
Community Mediation Center
Virginia Supreme Court Certified Mediators


CMG is Richmond’s nonprofit community mediation center offering affordable mediation services in addition to classes that teach mediation and conflict management skills.
Our intake specialist is the first point of contact, both on the phone and in person, with potential mediation clients, and is responsible for the overall intake process, directing calls, and answering general questions. The specialists manage all administrative aspects of CMG mediation programs for the greater Richmond area, which includes making outgoing calls to court-referred clients, initial screening, juggling multiple schedules, and documenting all actions in the database. The majority of the day will be spent on the phone and computer, handling up to 60 to 80 calls per day. There is a soft sales component in this role as one of the responsibilities is to encourage clients to resolve their conflicts through mediation (at no expense) versus the court system.

 1-5 years of experience in fields that require related skills such as case management, customer service, call center, paralegal, sales assistant, collections, etc.
 Must have demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and be able to effectively communicate with those clients who are stressed, upset, and experiencing conflict while maintaining neutrality, non-judgment and confidentiality.
 This role requires the ability to quickly re-focus when moving between tasks, able to work efficiently despite frequent interruptions to maintain the thread of each task to completion.
 Database and data entry experience is important.
 Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite is a must, and experience with Office 365 is a plus.
 Knowledge of the court system and mediation strongly preferred.
 This job starts @$9.00 to $10.00 per hour, based on experience, with the potential for performance based increases. Full time is 40 hours per week.
 Full time benefits include a health care reimbursement and paid vacation, sick leave, and holidays.
 This position will start later in the day and provide phone coverage through 6pm. We will consider job sharing, and you may be asked to work one or two Saturdays per month.
To Apply:

Please send a cover letter and resume to:
In your cover letter please outline how your background would position you for success in this role, and why you are interested in the job.

CMG Foundation
9100 Arboretum Parkway, Suite 190
Richmond, Virginia 23236
No phone calls please.


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  1. Ryan Jacobs

    I am looking to gain experience through a career, internship, or volunteering. I am currently residing in Wytheville, Virginia. I have a master degree in International Conflict Management and Resolution from UNC-W. I also took courses and trained at the New Hanover Alternative Dispute Resolution Center during my final grad school year. Please, let me know if any position becomes available. I can provide you with any additional information that you may deem necessary. Thank you for your time.

    -Ryan T Jacobs

    1. Christine Poulson

      Hi Ryan,

      I have let our members know of your request. The closest center to where you currently reside is Better Agreements in Blacksburg. I suggest that you contact T’aiya Shiner at or 540 552-1200.

      Thank you for contacting us!

  2. Elizabeth Swen

    Dear Sr./Madame:

    I am a recent graduate of George Mason University and I would like to gain an entry level Intake/Mediation position at your organization. I received a bachelor degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, and a minor in Legal Studies at George Mason University. If given the opportunity, I will contribute to the organization’s success through my hard working, fast learning, thoughtful and interpersonal skills. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.


    Elizabeth Swen

    1. Christine Poulson

      Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for being in touch. Are you hoping to stay in the Northern Virginia area? If so, I suggest you contact Megan Johnston at NVMS in Fairfax (see our list of member centers on the site.) If you have some flexibility with regards to where you live, I suggest that you contact each of our member centers to see if a position is available with another one of our member centers.

      Best regards,


      1. Elizabeth Swen

        Dear Ms. Poulson,

        Thank you for the information. I will contact Megan Johnston as suggested.


        Elizabeth Swen

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