Member Qualifications

The Board of Directors of VACCR has established membership criteria  intended to encourage organizations to aspire to the best standards of community service.

Member community mediation centers are organized as private nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, subscribing to the mission, vision and goals of the Association;   They have or strive to have the following characteristics:

(a)     Serve diverse populations, types of disputes and sources of referral at the earliest possible stage;

(b)     Provide services through qualified practitioners;

(c)     Provide direct access to the public through self-referral and reduce barriers to service, including physical, linguistic, cultural, programmatic and economic barriers;

(d)    Engage in public awareness campaigns and educational activities about the values and practices of conflict resolution and collaborative community relationships; and

(e)     Collaborate with local public and private agencies.

Application Process

Membership in VACCR is open to private, not-for-profit (IRS 501(c)3) organizations providing mediation and conflict resolution services responsive to clients’ ability to pay (e.g. free, low cost or sliding scale fees).   Member center services are provided primarily to an identified local geographic area and only secondarily to broader areas of Virginia.

To apply for membership in VACCR, please complete and send us the application below:

Membership Application – rev. 6-15