Peace License Plate

New VA License Plate Celebrates Community-Building

One year after the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia a new Virginia license plate supporting community peacebuilding is available for purchase.

Resolution Virginia worked with graphic artist Dean Paris of Paris Designs and the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to create the second of two Community Peacebuilding license plates.


The first Community Peacebuilding license plate, produced in 2007, contains the image of a dove and the word “Peace”.   For the second plate, the group wanted to convey the ideas of civil discourse and community-building.  A photographic image of human arms with different skin tones holding up the globe was chosen.  Underneath this image is an urban to suburban to rural skyline. 

The plate can be obtained by visiting Department of Motor Vehicle offices or going to the C for “Community Peacebuilding” in the Special Plates section of the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles website

$15 of each $25 purchase will go towards the community peacebuilding work of Virginia’s not-for-profit community dispute resolution centers that are members of Resolution Virginia.  Information on Resolution Virginia can be obtained at


First Community Peacebuilding License Plate

Click here:  Peace Plate newsletter insert  Please use this insert to help spread the word about the license plate.  

VACCR has worked with the Virginia General Assembly and the Department of Motor Vehicles to create a “Peace” license plate for Virginia’s citizens interested in promoting peace and community peacebuilding.

Peace Plate final jpg

By purchasing a Peace plate, $15 of your $25 fee will go to help support community peacebuilding efforts of VACCR member centers. We hope you will encourage others to order the plate and we thank you for being a part of this effort.

VACCR is currently looking for barn sides, sides of buildings and other  places to paint the license plate to promotes its purchase.  Please let us know if you have space available and can help us promote this beautiful plate at

Many thanks to Liz Frankl of the
Frankl Creative Group for designing
the Peace Plate.

Peace Plate final jpg

  To Order: Visit the Virginia DMV Peace Plate site or visit your   local DMV Customer   Service Center.